Astraia Elan Zo Ilfanen

Half-elf Noble Magus of Castan


First daughter, and heir, to the noble family Ilfanen. Second child of her father, the current household head Tregalt Prild Zo Ilfanen and Endara Fandil Va Ilfanendral, of the pure Ilfanendral bloodline.

The pure-blooded elven house of Ilfanendral was home to a unique style of combat: a seamless weaving of spell and spear. This style was passed on, generation to generation, in only the main line of the family.

Countless generations ago, the heir and sole child of the family head fathered half-elven children. He refused to disown his children, and his uncle was named heir in his stead. The house elders knew that this would mean the end of their long honored art: the former heir, being an only child, was the only one of his generation trained in their style. The only other living practitioners would have been unable to pass on the style in their lifetime, and the style would die with them. The former heir was given a chance to redeem himself. He, and his bloodline, could serve the true line for the rest of time, ensuring that the art would be passed on. In return, he would be allowed to retain some semblance of the house name, and his own honor. Thus, the house Ilfanen was born.

House Ilfanen was given a great deal of autonomy, as long as their duties were fulfilled. They retained much of the respect and power of the pure house. Their obligations were simple. The head must produce at least two children, and the art must be passed on to these children. In order to ensure the their loyalty, at the age of ten the first born child will be entrusted to the pure line, and will no longer be allowed to speak to his family. This child will, wordlessly, continue training under their parent until they have mastered the art. They will then serve, until death, as a guard for the pure line head. The second child will be heir to house Ilfanen, and begin training at a similar age. When of age, this child will marry as ordered by the pure line, and repeat the cycle.

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Astraia Elan Zo Ilfanen

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