Jhaerin is from a town relatively near to Syris, recently it has gone by the name Aranessa. Aranessa maintains autonomy through obscurity, moving the entire town if need be.

They set themselves aside in order to best maintain the balance of their community, without a care for outsiders. The founders of the town were believers in “The Cycle(Name subject to change).” Believers in the cycle believe in balance in all things, for every evil there is good, for all law there is chaos, and for all life there is death. Every few generations, there is born an aberration to “The Cycle(Name subject to change),” an Azurin.

Since the decrease in the following of the cycle outside of Aranessa, almost every Azurin in born there, and they’ve all come in to power in some way or another. There have been those with powers over elements, those with the power of the beasts, and some with powers so primal they can hardly be identified. This power is believed to come from an imbalance in the cycle, and the Azurins, while abominations, are tolerated as necessary to maintain balance.


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