Knight-Commander Talraath

Commander of the Witch-Knights in Bastion.


Clearly a veteran of many campaigns, Talraath’s hair has faded to white, and is bound up in a small bun at the nape of her neck. There is a nasty web of scar tissue covering the left half of her face, angry reddish-black welts that crisscross from brow to chin to ear. Her eyes are a hard granite.

Her armor, like all the witch-knights, is a cobalt-black with a grey cape, lined with white fur around the neck. She carries a bastard sword with an exceptionally long grip, etched with runes all along the blade, and a large shield, generally slung on her back.


Offered the party quite the…deal, in the form of “Investigate and find Darion, the rogue mage, or get stomped on reputation-wise. Also maybe spend some time in prison.”

Knight-Commander Talraath

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