Aiden Callidus

Religious Fire Dancer


Stat (Required) Actual [Mod]
Str – 14 2
Dex – 10 0
Con – 12 1
Int – 16 3
Wis – 14 2
Cha – 17 3


Physical description:
Stands at 6’2" with a somewhat lanky frame. His long, straight hair is usually dyed red and pulled back in a ponytail, with grey strands mixed in. Despite his hair color, Callidus is quite young; he’s just out of his teenage years. He has a habit of not shaving when camping between towns, but will usually clean-up if he knows he is only a day or two out from town. He makes no attempt to meet the fashions of where he travels to, often wearing desert garb modified to fit the climate: leather pauldrons and demicuirass that covers his chest. A loose fitting poncho is held down by several leather straps over the armor and is pulled to the right-side. The left-side of his abdomen exposed, where he boasts his scarred burns. Leather leggings cover his legs that fit under his cloth-wrapped boots.

Low-res image of weapon: AldoriDuelingSword.png

Callidus was born with fire in his blood, perhaps a gift from his parents. Unfortunately, he never knew his parents, for he was raised by a foster family in Varia. His foster family has confirmed that both of his parents were Flameseekers, and has further confirmed that his parents went missing on a secret mission into the north less than a month after he was born. He’s not sure what happened to them, but he is certain they’re dead—and his gut tells him that the one who murdered them yet lives! In any event, he’s long felt flame in his blood, and manipulating comes easily to him. Perhaps the wander lust his parents had runs in the family. That or the lack of a stable home gave Callidus no reason to stay put. Either way, he has also taken up the Flameseeker path and hasn’t lived in one place long since.

Callidus sees more in flame than the average mortal. Fire is not just a gift of warmth, a tool for cooking, or a means of killing. When he sees fire, he sees the greatest muse of them all with the True Fires as the pinnacle of inspiration. Callidus has taken up the way of the Flameseeker. He will always be a traveler; no where is home to him. No matter what strange lands finds himself in, he always sticks out like a sore thumb. Fashioning desert garb, exotic trinkets he’s picked up along the way, and a bizarre sword that looks like a hybridization of a katana and a scimitar, Callidus makes no attempt to hide his foreignness. His pots and pans clanging on his backpack in unison with his mandolin or humming don’t help, either.

Callidus picks up more than trinkets in his travel, too. To him, stories are another great inspiration (second only to fire), and he learns the legends and gossips of every town he steps foot in. Though he may tell himself this information may help him towards finding a True Fire, it’s merely a way to pass time and a good way to start a conversation, a valuable tool when every face is a stranger’s. Whenever tales of fights or hunts come up, Callidus finds himself paying more attention than usual. Naively, he has asked many wizards and knights to give him brief trainings, but his focus never lasts for longer than he remains in town. He may carry an empty spell-book and a gladiator’s whip, but they are merely artifacts from when he was young and thought he could master all things.

To help pay for his travels across the lands, Callidus finds himself performing fire dances. Combining the rhythmic body movements of dance with twirling his flaming sword, he can usually attract a small crowd. His swordplay and moves have many repetitions followed with sudden snaps in an attempt to emulate the crackling of fire.

When Callidus feels his stay in one town is finished, he’ll look to the flames for where to head next. Usually, these flame auguries are glorified coin flips, but sometimes Callidus will find himself seeing full visions in the blazes. One of these visions are what brought Callidus to where he is now and he knows he’ll find himself stepping closer to the True Fires and enlightenment with each new sign.

Aiden Callidus

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