Regen Kesch

Yeah I'm a mage you got a problem with that


Human Male, Age 25, Pale Pallor, Pale Greenish eyes, Dark Burgundy hair often hidden under his large brimmed hat. Dressed in a short gray cloak cuffed with fur and striding in knee high boots and wearing just 1 to many belts. A bag thrown over his shoulder looks to hold all he owns and an old book hooked to his side is just hidden under his cloak. Male_mage.jpgRegen KeschRegen Kesch


Young Regen was raised in a small village up north, which was stuck in the old ways of thinking. These old beliefs would lead to the banishment of Regen because he possessed a power that he himself didn’t understand at the time. Cast away in the dead of winter by his village and family, Regen wandered through the bitter woods and was forced to face the wilds of the bleak northern winter. Stumbling and on the brink of a frozen death, Regen looked back at the village, now distant glint of lights nestled at the mountain’s base, and a deep primal rage overcomes him and erupts out in a piercing scream that evolves into to a long howl of anguish and fury. The seething stew of emotion that writhe inside Regen awakes an unknown force inside him and breaks free as he reaches his emotional breaking point. The surging power, fueled by Regen’s rage and hatred, becomes a maelstrom of energy that lashes out tearing down tree limbs and whipping snow up into the air. Regen’s power is beyond his control and the final violent shock wave explodes into the woods in every direction. Fearful of his emotions and the release of terrifying power, Regen falls to his knees on the ice crusted ground and focuses on his rapidly beating heart and breathing. Slowly he gains control of himself and he brings himself back into the world. He hears the wind blow through the trees, the snap of a frozen branch, the crunch of snow and ice, and an unfamiliar low rumble that is growing louder and louder. Regen suddenly looks back at the village below the mountain and watches as a far off piece of the snowy mountain breaks free and knocks loose other sheets of snow, which become a massive avalanche that is bringing an icy cold death to whatever lays in its path. The last thing Regen sees before he collapses from cold and exhaustion is the lights of his village winking out.
Regen comes to next to a crackling fire, still feeling drained and cold. He sluggishly sits up and looks about himself. He is in the same clearing but wrapped in a blanket and seated next to a small fire. Across from him a beautiful woman is staring intently down at the pages of a book. She appears lost in whatever she is reading when suddenly there is a loud crack out in the dark woodlands and she stands up abruptly. Regen is suddenly aware of her aura and the power radiating from it. After a minute, she relaxes and the aura fades. She turns back to the fire and looks at Regen. Still somewhat dazed and confused Regen tentatively smiles at her, she smiles back and says “Follow me.” This was Lissaryn and I don’t know it yet but I was going to become her pupil. She would become my teacher and train me how to control my rage and power. With her guidance I will become a great and powerful mage whose name will be known across the nation. That is if I survive.

Regen Kesch

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