Blademaster (Class)

Level BAB Fort Ref Will Special
1st +1 +1 +2 +0 Weapon Mastery, Flashing Blades, Styles
2nd +2 +2 +2 +0 Expanded Mastery, Style Study
3rd +3 +2 +3 +1 Resolute Bulwark, Practiced Styles
4th +4 +2 +3 +1 Style Study, Counterstrike
5th +5 +3 +3 +2 Raging Dragon, Style Study
6th ? ? ? ? Grandmaster
3 skill points a level. d10 hit die.

Weapon Mastery: Proficiency with all bladed weapons, including exotics.

Expanded Mastery: You gain weapon focus and weapon finesse for all bladed melee weapons. If you do not already have it, you gain Combat Reflexes.

Flashing Blades: Gain an AC bonus equal to the number of attacks you have per round. Not usable in Raging Dragon stance.

Style Study: Learn an additional technique from the Advanced Techniques list for a style you have access to.

Practiced Styles: You may switch styles as a swift action.

Counterstrike: When an enemy rolls a 1 or a 2 on a melee attack roll against you, you may immediately perform an attack of opportunity against them.

Styles: It is a move action to switch styles mid-combat at this proficiency. You gain access to the Coiled Viper and Whirling Dervish styles. Styles are mutually exclusive with Stances. Any listed techniques are exclusive to use in that stance, and are refreshed upon switching stances.

Coiled Viper: Gain a +2 to your AC while in this stance. Your first attack per round (including maneuvers and other attacks) has a +5 to hit, and subsequent attacks take a -5.

-Fangs Revealed: Sleight of Hand +BAB vs. opponent’s AC, success means the opponent is flat-footed against your first attack.

Whirling Dervish: You gain an additional attack per round at your lowest attack value when making a full attack.

-A Thousand Cuts: You declare this technique before rolling when you make a full attack action. All attacks must be directed against the same opponent. If you hit with at least two attacks, you inflict two points of constitution damage.

Resolute Bulwark: Halve your attacks, rounding down, and gain +3 AC per attack lost.

-Aggressive Defense: You perform a full defense action, losing all of your attacks. Whenever an enemy provokes an attack of opportunity from you, you may attack twice instead of once. These instances still only count as one AoO. You may only make attacks of opportunity until the start of your next turn, when the defense action ends.

Raging Dragon: Each of your attacks deals half damage to a target of your choice adjacent to your struck target. You do not gain the benefit of Flashing Blades while in this stance, and your AC is further lowered by 5.

-Razarath’s Descent: Charge forward across the battlefield, your sweeping blade cleaving each enemy in your path. Full-round action. You may move in a straight line, or with one turn, your full movement. You may make a jump action as part of this movement if you so desire. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity. Roll a single attack’s damage and add your Blademaster level. Each creature that enters your threat zone during this move must make a reflex save equal to 10 + your BAB or suffer the damage rolled, half on a success.

Advanced Techniques:

Cobra’s Lure: Coiled Viper style. You ready yourself, and strike while your opponent is at his most vulnerable: just as he is attacking you. To prepare this technique, you must either delay or spend a standard action to activate it. Activating this technique precludes other attack actions that round. Once readied, you immediately strike the first opponent to attack you, counting them as flat-footed. Your attack lands before your opponent’s. A successful hit will force a reroll on the opponent’s attack, with a penalty on their attack roll equal to twice your Blademaster class level.

Asp Strike: Coiled Viper style. You strike an opponent in the temple with the pommel of your blade, stunning them even as you strike another opponent with the opposite end of the weapon. You may use this technique as a standard attack, except instead of applying damage upon hitting, the target must pass a fortitude save equal to the damage result of your strike or become dazed for one round. If they score under half of the total DC, they are dazed for two rounds. You may also direct a simultaneous attack against an opponent adjacent to you.

Tempest of Blades: Whirling Dervish style. You attack your foe with such a relentless flurry of strikes that it is all they can do to defend themselves. To do anything else would leave them vulnerable. You activate this technique by performing a full round attack. You may only target one enemy with all of your attacks. Until the beginning of your next turn, every non-defensive action your foe takes provokes an attack of opportunity from you, up to your normal maximum allowed.

Unrelenting Storm: Whirling Dervish style. No one can escape you, no matter how they run. You may activate this technique when an opponent you threaten retreats from your threat zone. Upon the enemy’s retreat, you may immediately follow them and attack as an AoO, regardless of whether they would normally provoke such an attack. This includes tumbles and other displacement effects, though teleports and other magical means of transportation that instantly move the target twenty feet or further away do not trigger this technique. You may move five feet per attack of opportunity you make, but it must be towards the target. You may instead expend additional reactions, if you have them, to move in five foot increments to catch up with your target, but you may not attack until you are adjacent to them again.

Crushing Blow: Resolute Bulwark style. You strike with such force that your enemy staggers, left reeling from the blow. Roll double damage dice for this attack. Striking with this attack will, if the enemy fails a fortitude save, halve their movement speed for a number of rounds equal to your blademaster level.

Howl of Sereth’axis: Raging Dragon style. You whirl your blade around you with such speed that the air howls, an echo of the Dragon of the Northern Winds. Full attack action. You may make a single melee attack at each enemy within your reach, at your highest attack value.

Theruin’s Fury: Raging Dragon style. You strike with such force that the air thrums with power, echoing the rage and grief of the ancient father of the Accord. You perform a single attack against a target which, if successful, deals double damage. The target must make a fortitude save equal to 10 + your BAB or be knocked backward a number of feet equal to the number by which they failed the Fortitude save. All enemies in a 30 foot cone behind the initial target suffer half the damage as sonic damage if they fail a Fortitude save of their own.

Blademaster (Class)

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