Scarlet Warlord

Level BAB Fort Ref Will Special Spells
1st +1 +2 +1 +3 Eldritch Pulse, bonus maneuver
2nd +2 +2 +1 +4 Force of Will, Life Drain
3rd +3 +3 +2 +4 Heir
4th +4 +3 +2 +5 maneuver
5th +5 +4 +3 +6 maneuver

Every level of Scarlet Warlord counts as an initiator level. Swordsage wisdom AC bonus will apply when wearing the Warlord armor.

Eldritch Pulse: Crimson energy gathers around the fingers of the gauntlet, which is released in a blast with deadly effect. Can either be projected as a ranged touch attack as a short pulse of blazing light, or a melee touch attack. The ranged attack has a range of thirty feet. 1d8+will save bonus + strength at melee, no strength at range.

Force of Will: Shrug off mind-affecting effects based on failing a will save once per day. Any damage or other conditions that do not remove control of your character still apply, including blinds and stuns.

Life Drain: Drain the vitality from a target you succeed on a melee touch attack against. Inflicts energy damage equal to your will save, plus 2 con damage. You are healed for an equivalent amount. Usable once per day. Temporary con remains for ten minutes.

Heir: You gain proficiency with all armor and shields. Wearing these does not penalize your Swordsage AC bonus. Once per day, instead of using Force of Will, you may instead perform a counterspell after readying an action to do so. You do not need to roll spellcraft; any spell of level 6 or lower is automatically replicated and countered. Life Drain may be used as a ranged touch attack now.


Crimson Fog: Dissolve into red smoke and flow to reappear in another location, 40 foot limit. Units you pass through suffer 1d6+level damage and 1d2 points of temporary constitution damage.

Scarlet Warlord

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