The trauma and mental disciplining that becoming a werewolf entailed consumed much of the time that could have been spent furthering other skills. As a result, you must spend one character level gaining the traits and abilities listed below. You gain a d10 hit die increase, 3+int skill points (3 of which must be spent in Control Shape), a single increase in your fortitude save, and one base attack bonus.

Shapeshifting: As a full round action, you may assume your alternate form. You retain access to all traits and spellcasting while in your werewolf form. When you enter combat in human form, you must make a Control Shape skill check to prevent an automatic transformation into your alternative form. You must make an additional check each round in which you are damaged. Every night, when the moon rises, you assume your werewolf form. You may resist this change with a successful Control Shape skill check.

Damage Reduction: A lycanthrope in hybrid form has damage reduction 10/silver. Ascended Strikes pierce this.

Lycanthropic Empathy: You may communicate with and influence dire and regular animals in both forms.

Low-Light Vision: If you do not have it, you gain Low-Light Vision in both forms.

Scent: You gain the scent ability in both forms.

Hybrid Form Attacks: You gain an additional bite and two claw attacks in your hybrid form. You may make your regular attacks as claw attacks if you wish. Thus, when attacking with only natural weapons, you may make your full attacks, plus two claws and a bite. If you are wielding a weapon or casting a spell, you may only make one additional natural attack.


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